Providing future textile resources

Umucu® is a platform focused on the collection of discarded textiles in global reuse countries and process them into new products. 

Our vision

Monetization of discarded textiles in global reuse countries is our response to the raw material shortages in the textile industry. Umucu® educates local entrepreneurs to set-up a network for the collection of discarded textiles and monetize the textiles. ​

More raw material for recycling​

Provide for the rising demand of feedstock for textile recycling.​

Less residual waste​​

Divert textile residual waste from landfill in global reuse countries.


The process

In the process Umucu® supports the entrepreneurs with knowledge, network and financing. Higher value materials for recycling are selected that the entrepreneur collects and processes into new products, such as cleaning rags. Umucu® guarantees the sales of the goods and sells them to their partners.

113 million tonnes

Global fiber production (2021)


The share of recycled fibers (2021)

Textile market

4 million tonnes

secondhand clothes shipped worldwide (yearly)


% of textiles going into landfill (yearly)

A Boer Group initiative

Boer Group is a Europe-wide leading organization in textile reuse and recycling​. For over 100 years the family-owned business is continually working on sustainable ways to keep residual (textile) waste to a minimum.

Boer Group sees the demand for raw materials for recycling increasing. The reusing and recycling of textiles is a developed industry in Europe, but it plays little to no role in global reuse countries yet. Boer Groep considers this a missed opportunity and started Umucu.



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